District Key 3

Role Name Email Phone
District Chairman Bill Coffin [email protected]
District Commissioner Dave Letourneau [email protected]
District Executive Jack Waite [email protected]  207-894-4011

Roundtable Commissioner Team

Role Name Email
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Donna Swinyer [email protected]
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Cliff Curtis [email protected]

District Committee Chairs

Role Name Email Phone
Program Committee Chair
 Scott Gabriel [email protected]
          Activities and Civic Service Chair
          Advancement and Recognition Chair  Jeremy Bussiere [email protected]
          Merit Badge Processor
             **Send MB Counselor packets directly to Jeremy
               *Packets contain BSA registration, MB registration, & YPT cert.
Jeremy Bussiere [email protected] 207-577-4051
          Camping and Outdoor Chair
          Training Chair  Lara Cogar [email protected]
Finance Committee Chair
          Popcorn ‘Kernal’  Cori Miller [email protected]
          Friends of Scouting Chair
Membership Committee Chair
 Jim Hatch [email protected]
Public Relations Chair
 Matt Dubois [email protected]