Abnaki District Events

03/20(Rescheduled) Abnaki Roundtable & SPL Council
03/20(Rescheduled) Abnaki Order of the Arrow Meeting
04/03Abnaki District Committee Meeting
04/10Abnaki Roundtable & SPL Council
04/10Abnaki Order of the Arrow Meeting
04/14OA Ordeal Planning Conference
04/15OA Unit Election Season Ends
05/01Abnaki District Committee Meeting
05/04 - 05/06Abnaki Spring Campout & OA Call Out
05/05Camp Gustin Beaver Weekend
05/05BALOO Training
05/08Abnaki Roundtable & SPL Council
05/08Abnaki Order of the Arrow Meeting

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(posted 2018-03-12)


Mother Nature strikes again!
Due to the weather forecast for March 13, we are POSTPONING the March Roundtable to Tuesday, March 20, 2018.  Same times/locations/topics/food.

Hope to see you there!

We want you to attend Roundtable!
(posted 2017-09-08)

Roundtable is the regular meeting of the leaders of Abnaki District. Learn some new ideas, get some supplemental training and discuss topics with leaders from across the district.

Abnaki District Roundtables
6:30 Dinner ($3), 
7:00-8:30pm Program
LDS Church, 545 Maple Hill Road, Auburn

Roundtable Topics?
See the schedule of topics and mark your calendars!

6:30 – SPL Council
7:30 – OA Chapter Meeting

Abnaki 2017-2018 Program Calendar
(posted 2017-01-19)

The Updated ABNAKI Calendar!Get it here!

Senior Patrol Leader Council
(posted 2016-11-02)

seniorpatrolleaderALL Senior Patrol Leaders in Abnaki District are invited to attend the Senior Patrol Leaders Council.

Same time/place as Roundtable (December 14)
LDS Church, 545 Maple Hill Road, Auburn
6:30 Dinner ($3) (optional)
7:00 SPL Council

The youth are the leaders of our Boy Scout troops, and we want to hear directly from them and give them a chance to discuss issues with other SPLs.

What will happen at these meetings?
* The SPLs will meet with various district leadership each month to give feedback on district and council events and any other issues that they wish to raise.
* The second part of the meetings the SPLs will meet to discuss and share issues, challenges, tips, and best practices in running their troops.

Camp Gustin
(posted 2014-03-24)

Have you been to Gustin to see the improvements made thanks to our volunteers during Beaver Day and the tremendous work of the Maine National Guard over the last couple years?  NEW PARKING LOT, new pumphouse, erosion work at the waterfront and council ring, and tree work is just the start.  View the short term and long term projects, and what’s needed for materials.  If you have any of the materials or have a connection that may, please check in with Allen Ward.

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